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TGIF Ass Shot of the Day!

It's TGIF! And in honor of the weekend finally getting here, I present the TGIF ass shot of the day! Can you guess who the other lovely lady is in this shot?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Some News

It's a sad day for me as the following in quotes was placed on my site today :( But, alas, the time has come. Thanks so much for all your support over the years! Thanks to all of you here in the LJ and Blogger communities that have supported my site for all these years. This was a hard decision to make and I will miss my site more than I can say. The decision has been made however, to keep my blogs! So check back sometime and see what I am up to and what the future holds for us! Here's to the past and the future! Lots of love to you all!

"Peace out ... The keys are in the mailbox! LOL! No seriously, I am saddened to say that the time has come for me to close my Dreamnet site. Why am I closing my site? Did I get “found out” by friends, family or employers? No, not at all! In fact, all those people are telling me to stay ... LOL! I think the best way to put it is in the words of my webmaster Rob, “Life Happens” and very often when life happens, there is change involved. Buzz and I have never feared change. Change is what makes life interesting and fun. But often with even the most positive of changes, there are a few negative results. Over the years I have made many awesome friends and fans through my website and after much consideration, I have decided that it would not be fair to them or me if I did not devote 110% percent to my web site like I always have. The negative result to the awesome changes going on in our life right now is that we will not have the time to devote to Serenawet.com that we have had over the last 7 years. It takes a lot of work and a lot of attention to make a website something worth your money and loyalty and unfortunately that attention is something Buzz and I have to focus other places right now. It would be easy to continue along selling memberships as if everything was normal, and in fact most new members would probably never notice, however my long time loyal members would and most importantly, I would. That is reason enough for me to do the right thing and end on a high note.

Much love and appreciation to everyone who has joined my site or purchased a video over the years! To all you special guys and girls who have helped me with Serenawet, those of you who have given me inspiration and ideas and even joined me in front of the camera on Serenawet, I love you guys very much. I could not have done any of this without your support and friendship and I will miss you more than I can say! Remember I am always just an email or tweet away.

Now, you may be wondering, What’s going on at Serenawet.com right now? You have until the end of July to join my site at a special blow out price! You will get everything I currently have posted, all the photos and all the videos. So join now, because after the end of the month, you won’t be able too ever again. I will continue to update the site and be as interactive with everyone just as I have been until every last memberships has been fulfilled. And no worries about the quality of my site over the next month or so! At my finger tips, I have a selection of naughty, hot pictures and videos that I have no reason to string along so, I’m going to turn it all loose on you starting now! So if you want to finish out this naughty, dirty, sexy, silly and often crazy roller coaster ride with me, join up before it’s too late and hold on!

Lots of Love! Your Friend - SerenaWet"


A Good Read?

Hello out there!Hope this finds you all doing well and staying cool! Boy it's been HOT out here on the east coast this past week! I have had the air on for 5 days straight and that is unusual for this time of year out here. But we are making it through best we can. We are suppose to have some cooler temps this weekend and I will welcome that, believe me, lol! Hope that you are finding ways to stay happy and cool in your neck of the woods.

Got plans this holiday weekend? Buzz and I are headed to Woodstock and I am super excited about it! It's going to be fun to just get away for a bit with him. Monday evening we have a dinner party planned. That should be fun too. Then somewhere in the mix I have to get to a theater to see Sex in the City! I am so excited about it! Was planning to get there tonight, but some of my friends may not be able to make it, so we will see how it goes. What ever you have plans for this weekend, have fun and stay safe out there!

Ok, on to the "A Good Read" portion of this blog post......
I am an avid reader, especially this time of year. I don't know if that the warm nights invite me to stay up longer, or if its just that we all have more energy this time of year...But I have been reading like crazy! Indoors...Outdoors...I even sat in my car the other day, lol! I am currently finishing "Swallowing Darkness" By Laurell K. Hamilton. She is one of my favorite authors and I was excited to learn that the next book in the Merry Gentry series was out, so I thought I would pick up SD again. I picked up "Divine Misdemeanors" Yesterday and as soon as I finish the last 10 pages of SD, I will be cracking the cover. Looking forward to it. So, I ask you this....What is your hot summer read? Are you a nerd like me and have a summer reading list planned out, lol? Or do you just browse the book store until something catches your eye? Looking forward to hearing your answers!

All right, that about sums it up for now. Have a wonderful weekend and remember to be safe out there!
http://www.serenawet.com (Lots of new updates happening!)
http://www.naughtyinnewyork.com (Party coming up in July)

Foot Fetish For a Long Time Member

A couple of day's ago, I received an email from a long time member asking me to shoot some pics of the bottoms of my feet. He also asked, if it was possible, to have them be dirty as well. This was fun for me! Especially since I have started wearing flip flops now and the grass in the park is green! So, Eric here you go! Hope these are what you are looking for :) Enjoy!

In other news....The weekend is finally here! Yea! Tulip Fest is this weekend and the whole family is going! I am super excited! Be sure to thank all the Mom's in your life! If you ask me, they have the hardest jobs in the world! Be sure to do something special for them!

We were in Troy the other day and what did Buzz and I spy? I could not believe it when I saw it! My bumper sticker on the back of someone's car! Buzz shot a quick pic of it before we went on with our day. I am so flattered though! It truly is a small world! So to whoever drives the white Toyota....Huge thanks from SerenaWet! Drop me a line :)

That about wraps it up for now! Have a wonderful weekend! Serenawet is updating today with some naughty kitchen fun! And don't forget about Jade's Red, White and Blue Bash coming up in July!
Be safe out there!

Stockings and Heels

My new update is up and ready to view. If you like stockings and shiny heels...this ones for you! Hope you enjoy!
http://www.naughtyinnewyork.com (get your party details here! July is coming up fast!)

Creating My Secret Garden

Hello out there :) Hope this finds everyone doing well today? I am so glad that I found my way to Friday, as this week was a hella busy! Looking forward to a good weekend, even though I have some work things to do tomorrow. I am happy to say that they wont interfere with me sleeping in though! That my friends is a good thing. A cranky Serena is not happy thing to deal with. How about you? Got plans for the weekend?

On to the Secret Garden.....Well we live on one of three floors of an old brownstone, so we don't have much yard to speak of. So, last weekend Buzz and I decided to get a start on our patio, we even had our first BBQ! (Buffalo Burgers were awesome!) We went to the nursery and got a good start on our spring flowers and since yesterday was "Plant Party" day, I thought I would shoot some photo's of what I have so far. I will be going back to the nursery on Sunday and I really want to find a small tree that I can set to the left of my back door. Once I get everything set up, I will post some new pics so you can see the fruits of my labor. Even though we live in the city, I can still have nature around me :) My sunflowers are just starting to come up, so no pics of them yet :(

(My Basil)

(Purple Geranium)

(Sunburst Rose)

All right, that's all I have for now. New update is up and ready to view on SerenaWet and Naughty In New York has all the July party details set, so be sure to check them out. Have a great weekend and stay safe out there!

Two Words...AndThen Some

Spring Flowers

That's right...Tulip fest is right around the corner and I can't wait! I just love this time of year. Everything is turning green and the flowers are out....is there anything better? We got our patio set up yesterday and I got the rest of my planting done too. I will try and get some pics of it tonight, as we will be having our first BBQ! Yea!

Anyway, hope spring is treating you all right! Have a wonderful day and keep your emails coming! New product shout out coming this week as well as 2 updates to my site...be sure to check them out. And, don't forget, today is the last day of the Dreamnet sale! Get my site for just $7.99! That's right, 7 years of pics and videos for just $7.99! A sale like this doesn't happen very often, so get in on it while you can :)

Have a great day!
http://www.naughtyinnewyork.com (July party coming up! Get your details!)

Serena's Blast From The Past

This is from a set that was shot at a club some of the girls had for the day. Either 2006 or 2007...Somewhere in there, lol.

So how are things going this spring? It's been a bit rainy here, but all in all, ok. We had a pretty mild winter compared to last year and it's looking like it wont be as wet of a spring as last year. It's suppose to be 75 tomorrow and sunny...yea! I have been looking forward to wearing tank tops again for a while now and I should be able to do just that this weekend! Yea!

Got plans for this holiday weekend? It's looking like we will have a house full of people...both friends and family for Sunday dinner. Should be a very fun day. I will be making a ham, cheesy potatos, bruchetta, and some other fixin's. Vic and Buzz will start cooking up a storm tomorrow and they wont stop until Sunday dinner....so all in all, we will have very happy tummies this weekend. Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday weekend! Stay safe out there!

Serena’s Product Shout Out- Vol. 2

Serena’s Product Shout Out- Vol. 2

Product: Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara

Where To Get It: Department Stores and Wal-Mart

Price Range: $8.99

Ok, it should be said, I really wanted this product to work. In fact, when I found out that I could now buy Hard Candy at my local Wal-Mart store, I got rather excited! Hard Candy has been around for a while and has a really good reputation. Wal-Mart is now carrying quite a few of the HC products from Bronzer to blush and everything in between. Good stuff!

Now, it Just so happened that as I stood in the makeup isle, in front of the HC display with glazed eyes of wonder, I was in need of some new mascara. They had a waterproof mascara and this one to choose from. As it turns out, I am one of those girls who hopes to get HUGE lashes every time I pull out my mascara wand, lol! So the word Ginormous was sweet music to my senses. I could hardly wait to get home, rip the packaging off and try it out…which was exactly what I did. Here’s where my mascara fairy tale went oh so wrong!

First thing I noticed was the construct of the brush. It hardly had enough bristles on it to coat my lashes, let alone separate and magnify. But it was actually the mascara itself that really got my attention. “Goopy” is the word that comes to mind. Goopy makes it very hard to apply without getting huge clumps in the lashes. I actually had to use a second tool, to remove some of the excess. Lastly, for me, it did not give me the huge lashes I was dreaming about.

To be fair, I gave it a few chances and used it for a week straight. I even gave it to my friend N to try out, just to see that even though it did not work for me, it would for someone else. You never know what kind of tricks a girl has up her sleeve when it comes to mascara…so I was hoping that N would have some words of wisdom on the product. Alas, this was not the case. It did not work for her either. Her biggest complaint was the goopiness and the fact that it ran. She likened it to nail polish for your lashes.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I am a huge HC fan! In fact I just love their eyeliner and their bronzer, but this mascara…Not such a fan. HC is a trusted brand with many funky colors and products to choose from. I highly encourage you to seek them out and try them for yourself!

Remember, if you have a product you would like me to Shout Out, drop me a line at serenawet.com. Have a great week out there :)


Updates, Updates and More Updates!

It was a business weekend and I had flown into NYC for a meeting with a big client. I was flying solo this time around so I got to bring my hubby with me. I had just returned to our hotel room from the meeting and I was feeling good. The meeting went well, I was dressed super hot and got checked out endlessly on my way back to the room, so I was feeling really sexy. Plus I had a well appointed hotel room to play in for the rest of the night. It’s not often I get play in an expensive hotel room like this one…well at least not with my husband…HeeHee!
So of course, I did what any naughty wife would do in a hotel room with her hubby. I had him get his camera out and take dirty, hot pictures of me.. for you !!!

Volume XXXII ~ Membership Has It’s Privileges ...Paying a fan a visit!

Now don’t get the wrong idea. Yes, I do offer a lot of opportunities for my club members to meet me, live meet & greets, guest photographer opportunities, even the chance for some lucky members to shoot a set with me! But that does not mean I personally come to everyone’s house who joins my club and get naked and naughty in their living room. However that also does mean that every once in a while I might do just that, if you ask … HeeHee!

Case in point a member we will call Mr.P. He has been a member of my site for many years now and we had struck up quite the friendship, today was the day that we were going to take that friendship to another level..VBEG!

AND much, much more! Stop by and check it out for yourself. I know it's been a bit since I bloged and I am so sorry! I will be getting a Product Shout Out done this weekend without fail and hope to have more to follow asap! Keep your emails coming! Enjoy the beautiful weekend and be safe out there!

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